All project ideas were submitted by a local nonprofit or community member.


Concept 1: Laundry & Literacy

A warm, inviting atmosphere for community members to do laundry while learning how to enhance reading with young children

Laundry and Literacy creates a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere where you can pop a load of laundry into the washing machine while children and parents can do literacy activities that are fresh, effective and engaging. Parents are pressed for time, money and transportation, but by creating a warm, non-commercial, community place staffed with compassionate and effective literacy coaches, reading and knowledge are a source of joy and fun rather than a painful chore. Parents and children can be engaged in fun and effective activities that teach reading strategies while allowing time for community building.


Concept 2: Landlord Engagement for Affordable Housing

An engagement initiative aimed at landlords to increase the region’s supply of affordable housing

In Hamilton County, for every 100 families who need low-income housing, only 28 affordable units of housing are available. Families who need housing can apply for Section 8 housing certificates, which are paid to private landlords to help subsidize families’ rent. However, people who wait for months, or even years, to get a Section 8 certificate often lose their opportunity because a rental property simply wasn’t available. The Landlord Engagement initiative would expand on current efforts in Northern Kentucky to create a landlord/tenant network that offers forums, training, and support for landlords and tenants to decrease rental turnover and increase the number of landlords who own quality properties and accept Section 8 certificates.

Concept 3: Raising Grandkids

Social support for grandparents raising children affected by the opioid crisis

With the opioid epidemic, early childhood providers in Clermont County are seeing more grandparents getting custody of their grandchildren or even great-grandchildren. These caregivers often feel isolated and out of touch. Raising Grandkids is a robust effort in Clermont County to connect grandparents raising grandchildren to one another for support, advice, and social activities.